About Funky Munky

  • What is Funky Munky all about?

    FunkyMunky Music and Dance in Stroud was founded by Dale Attwood, after seeing what fun two of her grandchildren have in Oxfordshire, at similar sessions.

    Using a variety of songs and incorporating movements and dance children are encouraged in their personal, social and emotional development. Use of props such as finger puppets, rhythm sticks, bunny ears, play parachutes and other items increases the fun and encourages participation with songs new and old. There are frequent movement opportunities which serve to develop both fine and gross motor skills while underpinning literacy, and encouraging children to link movement with sound and words. By learning simple co-ordination of their bodies, singing and memorising rhyme and keeping in rhythm to a steady beat, children can be actively engaged in developing their literacy skills.

  • The singing and activities are led by Purple Monkey, with a little help from Dale, and at the end of every session there is a storm of bubbles for children to catch and pop, and a picture to take home and colour in (children bringing back their coloured-in picture can choose a small prize from the Peter Rabbit Prize Box).

    There is a mid-session break when there will be a variety of hot drinks for the mummies/daddies/carers and water or juice for the children.

    Our prices include drinks and delicious homemade cakes for everyone: – for the children these are generally carrot and orange cakes, with an option of rice cakes for children who prefer these or are on special diets. For adults we have a ‘naughtier’ range of cakes, including chocolate tiffin every week! (During this break, we sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to anyone who might have a birthday close to the session).